Crystal/수정 (crystalic_chick) wrote in thenxt10minutes,

My introduction

Name: Crystal
Age: 19
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
How long have you been a fan of L5Y? Since 2002. My friend (who got me into musicals in the first place) got me the recording as soon as it came out. He knew I'd love it and he was right.
Why do you love L5Y? The story telling of this particular show is so beautiful and tragic. I cry every time I listen to "Goodbye until tomorrow/I could never rescue you" becasue you're listening to Jamie say goodbye and all that and on the flip side, you hear Cathy so excited after their first date. It's heartbreaking. And come on, Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott? How could you not love them?
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I love musicals. Almost to the point that I'm addicted. Oh screw it. I'm addicted. LOL. I'm not professionally trained in singing or playing an instrument or composing or anything like that which I like. I like not having a trained ear because that I way I can just enjoy the shows without thinking "OMG, the score's terrible!" or "OMG, she's so technically bad!" Oh, I also like to make colour bars, icons, and Friends only banners so you'll probably see a few graphics from me from time to time.
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