Samantha (broadway_belter) wrote in thenxt10minutes,

Newbie post!

Name: Samantha, Sammy, Sam, anything like that.
Age: 16
Location: Kentucky
How long have you been a fan of L5Y: About 4 months
Why do you love L5Y: It's just an absolutely fantastic show.  The music is stunningly beautiful, and the story makes up for its simplicity of events in the way teh story is told.  And it's wonderful, and I could (and can) listen to the cd over and over again and never be tired of it.  I could continue to ramble, but for your sake, I'll stop.
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: Hmm...well, I'm just another one of those musical theatre hopefuls, essentially.  I'm also addicted to Dr. Pepper and Chapstick.
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