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I had a thought

Okay, think about the order of the songs as they should be. Cathy's audition problems ("Climbing Uphill") happen early in their relationship, before they're even married, when they're not having any real problems. Supposedly part of their marital problems is that Cathy is resentful of Jamie's success, but... I found a problem with that theory. Cathy's not really having any problems with her career at that point in their relationship. Okay, yeah, she's not happy about having to go to Ohio, but I think "A Summer in Ohio" she demonstrates that she can deal with it.

So, you ask, why won't Cathy go to Jamie's party then? Well, here's my theory...

In "A Miracle Would Happen," Jamie admits that he flirts with young women who come up to him and Cathy knows about it--"they always know." Is it not possible that Cathy is just sick of seeing her husband ditch her (in "I'm a Part of That" for instance, she's clearly alone and in some interpretations looks bored) and letting fangirls hang all over him?

Just a theory of mine. I have a lot about the show, actually... I intend to write up an analysis some day, 'cause I'm a relationship analysis geek. :D
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