Samantha (broadway_belter) wrote in thenxt10minutes,

Short ramble...

This is completely random, but I just watched The Last Five Years Original Cast on Google Video for the third or fourth time, and it just struck me today SO strongly.

Norbert is SUCH an amazing actor.

Seriously, though.  Most great Broadway names of the day...and actors in general...have a way of making everything they do...what's the word...actorish, really, if that makes any sense.  There's always a trace of this-isn't-really-me acting in some of the best of actors, just because it's so much easier than completely devoting yourself to a character.

But my god, watching Norbert is absolutely breathtaking...especially in Nobody Needs To Know.  Every single thing that he does is completely in character and completely realistic.  Jamie is a real person, not a character portrayed by an actor.  But the most amazing part in my opinion is near the end when he says "And nobody know..."  His face and eyes and voice are just goosebump-inducing in their power.  Honestly.

Heh.  Sorry.  Just had to get that really made me happy.

Done now.
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