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The Next 10 Minutes

There Are Two Sides To Every Love Story

The Last 5 Years Community
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Welcome to the first Last 5 Years Community on livejournal (that i know of ). This is the place to discuss any and all aspects of the wonderful musical The Last 5 Years. Feel free to post any L5Y expiriences, photos, icons, banners, wallpapers, fan fiction, lyrics, basically anything you want that is L5Y related. If you know of a L5Y production being done near you Advertise here!

Once you've joined, please post in the community with this information included:

How long have you been a fan of L5Y:
Why do you love L5Y:
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

1. Be a fan of L5Y (obviously)
2. Please be respectful to anyone who was involved in L5Y AND to the other members of this community.
3. Please NO vulgar or offensive material...if you absolutely have to please but a warning and put the material under a cut.
4.If you want to post any large images, a very long post, or several samples of your own creations (IE Icons etc), please put it under a cut.
5. but above all else. Have a Great Time!!!!


Created on August 16, 2004
Your Mod- Carla (cinderelie)

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